Enormous value of long-offsets and low frequencies recording is evident for seismic community. The problem is that almost every piece of seismic equipment is produced for the needs of CDP seismic. That makes long-offset seismic surveys being low efficient, cost & time demanding and having lots of technical compromises and trade-offs.
To change the situation GWL has developed conceptually different seismic equipment specially for recording long-offsets (GWL Seismobuoy™) and emitting low frequencies (GWL LF Source™). These two tools are the basis of GWL Services: GWL FloatSeis™, GWL FloatSeis LF™ and GWL UltraDeepImaging™.
GWL Services allow to build high-resolution and robust velocity models for depth range up to 20 km and are considered as an agile and cost-effective solution. Line of GWL Services was created to fit the whole variety of geological objectives and is applicable both to the existing marine seismic data sets to improve them by FWI based re-processing and new seismic projects aimed to considerably enhance the output of seismic surveys
•   Sub-salt exploration provinces;
•   Sub-basalt sediments and low velocity zones;
•   Gas chimney areas;
•   Steep and irregular bedding;
•   High-velocity carbonaceous formations.
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