Ultra-Deep BASMARGE Survey

of the Norwegian Offshore Realm

Early participation fee extended

until 31.01.2019

BASMARGE: Basement and Margin Ultra-Deep Imaging
Seismic Survey of the Norwegian Offshore Realm

In this joint project of Geology Without Limits (GWL) and the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), several deep regional seismic lines will be collected, modelled and interpreted in key locations of the Mid-Norwegian Margin and Barents Sea (Figure 1) using a novel seismic acquisition technology (Figure 2). This cost-effective technology invokes ultra-long offsets (60-90 km) and a low-frequency seismic signal to obtain a detailed and accurate velocity model of the subsurface using a proper full-waveform inversion (FWI) processing technique.

Project content:

     3-8 ultra-deep seismic lines

Project duration:

     1 year

Starting date:

     May 2019

Price for early participants:

     200.000 USD


Figure 1:

Location of the survey profiles

The main objectives of the BASMARGE project are:

  • To validate a new acquisition technology recently developed by Geology Without Limits. The GWL LF Source™ is designed to emit low frequencies needed for ultra-long offset imaging. The GWL Seismobuoy™ receivers are a time and cost-efficient solution for ultra-long-offset recording.

  • To shed light on the deep basement structures, sub-basalt and sub-salt features and thereby improve the understanding of the tectonic evolution of the Mid-Norwegian Margin and the Barents Sea.

The BASMARGE deliverables are:

  • Seismic data along 3-8 long profiles (raw data, PSDM)

  • FWI velocity model

  • 2D gravity and magnetic modelling

  • Regional tectonic interpretation

  • Final report


Figure 2:

Data acquisition scheme for the FloatSeis UltraDeepImaging™ survey.

Principal Investigators:

Mr. Alesksandr Nikitin (GWL)

Mr. Nikolay Amelin (GWL)

Dr. Laurent Gernigon (NGU)

Dr. Sofie Gradmann (NGU)


Aleksandr Nikitin
“Geology Without Limits”
Tel.:  +7 967 560-88-29

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