• The objective of this research was achieved by acquiring new data from the poorly studied lower part of sedimentary cover of the Black Sea Depression down to 18 km including Lower Cenozoic to Triassic and Paleozoic through utilization of state-of-the-art hardware and technologies.

Deliverables include PSTM, PSDM, velocities and interpretation products.

​Program executed in partnership with ION Geoventures.

The objectives of the Black Sea Exploration Program were as follows:​

Seismic lines layout integrating together: all major structures, wells, potential fields anomalies and vintage geological and geophysical data.

The regional survey line grid made it possible to construct a new tectonic model of the Black Sea Depression and the adjacent onshore areas, to reveal main events of the Pre-Cenozoic geological history of the basin’s evolution and study peculiar features of the recent geodynamics of the Black Sea Basin.

Reflection seismic acquisition parameters:

  • Source — 5,680 cu.in, > 120 bar-m

  • Streamer — 10,200m

  • Recording — 50m pop, 18 sec records

The Black Sea Exploration Program time frame:  2010-2012.

The Program area covered the Black Sea in the economic zones of 5 countries which border the Black Sea’s shores.

9,215 lkm of long offset reflection seismic data of the geology of the entire region was acquired.



Survey Information
Geological Objectives
  • Development of a new tectonic model of the Black Sea Depression and the adjacent onshore territory, revealing key moments of Pre-Cenozoic geological history of the basin in the Paratethys system; investigating peculiarities of recent geodynamics of the Black Sea Basin.

  • This provided new information on the Cenozoic structure, geodynamics and history of the Black Sea Region, and insights into its pre-Cenozoic evolution. Anticipated results contributed to solve the major geological problems of the region by development of new models.