Geology without Limits (GWL) is a group of companies, involved primarily in seismic multiclient projects. GWL was established in 2008 with prime occupation being the Russian Arctic. It has also completed a major regional project covering the entire Black Sea and as a result elaborated the geological model of all its basins. In total GWL has already acquired more than 45 000 km of high quality seismic data.

​In addition to the multiclient activities GWL also develops its own new marine seismic technology FloatSeis™.  It focuses on acquisition of seismic  refraction data and targets the development of precise velocity models to limit unsuccessful drilling.

​Further GWL is a socially responsible company that strives to support as many different educational and scientific programs worldwide as possible.  It is in close contact with leading universities of Russia, Europe, Middle East, USA and South America.