Data analysis and processing 

Seismic data processing

The GWL’s specialization in whole deep range studies with largest possible resolution requires a special approach to selection of data processing algorithms.

Our specialists focus on best-quality implementation of procedures for noise suppression, multiples removal, migration, and time-depth conversions. Only novel algorithms and decisions that are commercially available at the moment from the software market leaders are utilized for this purpose.


Raw stack

Stack after multiple substraction

Since all modern algorithms require high computational power, the GWL’s lab is equipped with an advanced computing cluster, which allows processing of huge data volumes maximally rapidly and subsequently paying more attention to procedures that require a research approach.

Processing technologies and algorithms

Workflow mandatory content following procedures:

  • Suppression of different-type multiple waves – the SRME, WEMA, High resolution Radon, etc. algorithms;

  • Noise suppression – the LIFT technology, as well as in-house proprietary developments based on different filtering types (fk-filtering, k-filtering, Radon, matrix);

  • High density velocity analysis – integration of tomographic and CDP velocity models within FloatSeis approach utilized;

  • The migration package — different types of time and depth migration, with account of anisotropy (VTI) including. Eliminating effects of velocity anomalies on deep reflections;

  • Forming the wavelet and enhancing data resolution – different types of deconvolution are used that realize both the deterministic and stochastic approaches. Correction of signal phase spectrum.

The BroadBand technology for spectrum extension has been introduced recently. It allows obtaining resolved data with any source and streamer depth. Represented technology is aimed to significantly enhance resolution in the upper part of the section and increase dynamic range of the signal in the entire time range.

Convertional processing

Broad band processing