Project time frame: 2011-2014 years.

For regional mapping of the geology of entire region we acquired 16,737 lkm long offset reflection seismic data.


Deliverables include PSTM, PSDM, velocities and interpretation products.

Program executed in partnership with ION Geoventures.

Seismic lines layout integrating together: all major structures, wells, potential fields anomalies and vintage geological and geophysical data.

The regional survey line grid covers two regions of the East Arctic Shelf of Russia, the northern part of the Laptev Sea shelf and the north of the Chukchi Sea shelf with adjacent areas, it also covers the South Chukchi shelf, while one of the lines run out in a sublatitudinal direction via the Long Strait to the center of the East Siberian Sea.

Thus, interpretation of the acquired lines, in the geodynamic aspect, allow obtaining new and supplementary information on structure and evolution of these two areas fundamentally different in structure and geodynamic transformations.

Reflection seismic acquisition parameters:

  • Source — 4,820, > 120 bar-m

  • Streamer — 10,000 m

  • Recording — 50m pop, 18 sec records



Survey Information
Geological Objectives

The objectives of this Program were as follows:

  • To provide better tie with U.S. sector of Chukchi Sea stratigraphy which is controlled by well data.

  • Main types of reservoirs and their age are identified to maintain the attractiveness of the area.

  • Proposed lines allow better understanding of trends in the lateral variability (both facies and thickness) of reservoir and source rock intervals in the Mesozoic — Cenozoic section of the Arctic Seas.