GWL FloatSeis

FloatSeis™ is the easiest and cost-friendly  way to obtain an alternative velocity model without any drawbacks typical for CDP based velocity models. The main costs of any marine seismic survey fall on the price of  vessels  involved. FloatSeis™ has a good survey’s economy comparing with known alternatives. It happens mainly because only one extra chase boat class vessel of opportunity is required and FloatSeis™ operations are carried out simultaneously with a 2D CDP towed seismic streamer survey. Thus, FloatSeis™ will add only about 15% extra costs to a 2D seismic streamer survey, providing fundamentally new quality and accuracy of an obtained velocity model.

FloatSeis™ Surveys
  • Performed simultaneously with 2D towed seismic streamer surveys;

  • GWL Seismobuoys™ are deployed from a seismic vessel. Safety of equipment is provided by a Deployment Device;

  • GWL Seismobuoys™ are recovered from a chase boat / support vessel;

  • Recorded offset range is amounted to 30-35 km;

  • Duration equals to 2D towed seismic streamer survey;

  • Reliable velocity model for a depth up to 5-6 km.

Example of FloatSeis™ survey.
GWL Seismobuoy™ super-long offset Common Receiver Point gather

Effectively recorded offset length up to 30 km

GWL FloatSeis™ added value to 12 km seismic streamer data




Reliable Velocity Model

(Target depths up to 5-6 km)


Seismic Vessel


FloatSeis Support Vessel

FloatSeis™ party at work