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GWL FloatSeis LF

FloatSeis LF is the most cost-effective way to record data perfectly suitable for FWI application. FloatSeis LF  data contains both ultra-long offsets and low frequency component that are required for a robust FWI algorithm output. FloatSeis LF service can be a game changer for offshore areas with screening layers and medias with high absorption  qualities.  Utilization  of  a  portable,  container  based,  easy-to-transport, assemble  and  install GWL LF Source allows to rig small tonnage vessels as a LF Shooting Vessel. Thus, cost per shot is times less in comparison to shooting by air gun arrays installed on a seismic vessel. FloatSeis LF acquisition will amount to 20-25% of extra costs to a CDP seismic streamer survey, providing superior data set for FWI full scale velocity model.

FloatSeis LFSurveys
  • Performed after or prior 2D/3D towed seismic streamer surveys;

  • Can be performed to compliment already existing vintage dataset and jump-start the new licensing round;

  • GWL Seismobuoys are recovered from a chase boat / support vessel;

  • Recorded offset range is amounted up to 120 km (enabled by specially developed GWL LF Source);

  • Recorded dataset has ultra-long offsets and Low Frequency spectra which makes it perfect for FWI;

  • Reliable FWI velocity model obtained times faster and cheaper in comparison to long offset OBN surveys.

Example of FloatSeis LF survey.

GWL Seismobuoy ultra-long offset Common Receiver Point gather

Effectively recorded offset length up to 120 km

FloatSeis FWI Velocity Model - 16 Hz

FWI  velocity model  obtained with  help of FloatSeis  long-offset data  is well  resolved and  can be used for in initial geological  interpretation itself. The  higth velocity carbonate layer  is  prominent  on  the  velocity section  itself  (in  blue)  and  decently  corresponds with the available well data.




FloatSeis LF™

Data perfectly suitable for

full depth range FWI application

GWL LF Source™ Vessel
FloatSeis™ Support Vessel

Core Technologies
GWL Seismobuoy™
GWL LF Source™
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