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  • Broads the low frequency end of your spectrum.


GWL UltraDeepImaging

GWL UltraDeepImaging (GWL UDI) is aimed to dramatically increase the total depth of a CDP towed seismic streamer survey. It can be beneficial for deep target horizons imaging and seismic surveys designed to perform regional overview, understand the whole basin architecture and highlight key areas of further exploration activities. GWL UltraDeepImaging surveys handle well thick sedimentary cover, deep buried basement and source rocks imaging that is rewarding for revealing the whole potential of frontier areas under study. GWL UltraDeepImaging can be also successfully used for sub-basalt imaging and in areas related to high frequency absorption of seismic energy that results as wipe-out zones on the processed data.

GWL UltraDeepImagingSurveys
  • Performed simultaneously with 2D towed seismic streamer surveys;

  • GWL LF Source installed as the second seismic source on board allows the recording of deeper reflections by the seismic streamer;

  • Seismic energy emitted by the GWL LF Source is beneficial for imaging areas with high attenuation properties;

  • Broads the low frequency end of your spectrum;


Standard Seismic Streamer Survey

Low Frequency


GWL UltraDeepImaging Survey

Comparison between standard seismic streamer survey and GWL UltraDeepImaging survey held with help of GWL Low Frequency Source. Standard seismic streamer survey (on the left) is well resolved in the upper part of the seismic section, but deep buried basement is missing; Low Frequency Stack (center) – less resolved at the upper part of the section, but deep horizons are well traced and presented; GWL UltraDeepImaging survey result (on the right) has the same data resolution and quality in the upper part of the section as the standard streamer data, but outstands with better deep depth horizons imaging including properly imaged basement and Moho boundary.





Considerably increased depth
of a CDP seismic streamer data including areas with high attenuation properties

Seismic Vessel


GWL LF Source™ installed

on board of Seismic Vessel


FloatSeis LF™ Survey 
(recommended to unlock the whole potential of the UDI survey)

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