Gravity & magnetic

For the fulfillment of projects, Geology Without Limits has available most up-to-date equipment and instrumentation:

All offshore acquisition operations are performed by highly skilled operators having extensive experience of offshore acquisition in various weather and operational environments.

Processed profile data of potential fields are used both for preliminary modeling: computation of distribution of magnetic and density properties versus depth, identifying causative magnetic surfaces and density interfaces, and for adjustment of seismic boundaries in zones of uncertain tracing of reflecting area elements.

Utilizing data of surveys acquired by GWL, and with scientific cooperation with countries participating in the projects, composite maps of anomalous magnetic and gravity fields are constructed on a scale that is maximally provided for by the latest-acquired and retrospective data.

Composite maps are created on the basis of the newly acquired magnetic and gravity field measurements with maximum involvement of retrospective data for offshore and onshore areas. In case problems arise in connection with joint processing of retrospective data, or in case of inadequate grid density of on-spec data, previously published composite maps of anomalous magnetic and gravity fields are utilized.