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GWL Seismobuoy™
The Next Tool for Recording Long-Offsets

GWL Seismobuoy™  is a free floating  standalone seismic  recording device designed to record ultra-long  offset seismic data at up to 120 km offsets. GWL Seismobuoy™ sensor frequency range of 1-1000 Hz is perfect for recording low  frequencies, which  can be beneficial both  for FWI data  sets and deep  targets illumination. Real-time GPS positioning  and  online QC gives  it substantial advantage  in comparison to OBS/OBN surveys  for a  given type application.  Operational  costs  of   GWL Seismobuoy™  based   surveys  are   drastically   lower  than   traditional techniques, especially  on deep  water. Actually, GWL Seismobuoy™  is the  only available  on the market  device that allows  deployment of dense  arrays to record  seismic data with required offsets  and high spatial  resolution and is able to maintain the same speed of data acquisition as the towed streamer seismic.

GWL Seismobuoy™ is patented and has been tested and certified.

The GWL Seismobuoy™
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