Interpretation and data analysis

The GWL experts fully mastered the method of seismic data aggregation along with the data obtained via other geophysical methods such as gravimetry, magnetometry, electromagnetics, as well as well log data. The end result of seismic data interpretation together with other available geological and geophysical information is the creation of a regional seismological model.

For this task the GWL experts use IHS Global, Inc. software.

The analysis of the information obtained from 2D regional surveys is a complex task.

For poorly studied basins, where an univocal determination of stratigraphic range of sedimentary cover is impossible, we imply structural-tectonic correlation.

One of the key points is to determine the age of tectonic basement underlying stratified complexes of the cover. In order to resolve the problems expressed above we compile correlation schemes of basic horizons and stratigraphic complexes.

In the framework of our research programs aimed at studying the deep structure of the lithosphere, in addition to geophysical surveys, we screen over formation samples and conduct laboratory research to address the issues of geodynamic conditions of rocks formation, paleographic reconstructions, zircon age dating, alimentation zones reconstruction, studying the thermal history of sedimentary basin.

The resultant seismological model reflects all the aspects of geological structure of the region under study and can be used as a reliable basis for further scientific and practical research.