FloatSeis™ is a new marine seismic technology developed by Geology Without Limits (GWL) that enhances CDP reflection method with simultaneous acquisition of long-offset refracted waves data eliminating false velocity anomalies and ensuring geologically reliable and accurate velocity models.

This improves the clarity of seismic sections and geometry precision of reflecting boundaries, especially for deeper and geologically complex areas. In addition, FloatSeis™ in an UltraDeepImaging™ application can dramatically increase the depth of CDP towed streamer reflection survey itself.

Key features and advantages:

Economic efficiency

Cost-effective solution to improve dramatically conventional CDP reflection data and produce accurate velocity models for PSTM and PSDM. Why lose lots of valuable data when the seismic source is operated on a survey anyway?

Resource savings

GWL Seismobuoys™ may be used for reflection/refraction data acquisition over parts of a survey too shallow for the towed streamers. No need for a separate shallow water survey.

Flexible and increased surveys depth

  • Enables recording of deeper reflections by conventional seismic streamer significantly increasing the imaging depth of CDP seismic surveys

  • Imaging options ranging in target depths from 6 to 25 km: Basic FloatSeis™; Dual Source and Ultra-Deep Imaging options using a dedicated low-frequency source

No time restriction

For 3D data acquisition, FloatSeis™ may be deployed right after the streamer operations or applied to previously acquired portions with insufficient target resolution

No data losses

Deployed and picked up by a support vessel, controlled and tracked in real time via a communication channel after deployment.

Fast response

Containerized equipment solution allows quick mobilization/de-mobilization anywhere in the world, as well as easy installation onboard any suitable vessel.


Deployment system from the seismic vessel to be available soon.

Environmentally safe

Unlike bottom nodes and cables, no contact with the sea bottom, hence no disturbance to marine life.

No limitations on offsets and acquisition geometry

Any spacing and geometry at offsets up to 120 km.
Custom-designed and made GWL Seismobuoys™ deployed on marine 2D seismic surveys simultaneously with the streamer acquisition to record refraction data offsets up to 120 km.

Correct specifications

GWL Seismobuoy™ wavefield has the same dynamic and frequency characteristics as the common streamer wavefield.

Reliable solutions

TrueVelocitySolution (TVS)™ - a processing package based on the leading commercial and proprietary software for correct integration of reflected and refracted data for the final velocity model.

GWL’s flagship product is our in-house FloatSeis™ technology.

In the framework of projects we also provide Survey design, Gravity & magnetic, Data analysis and processing, Interpretation works.

WHY FloatSeis™
FloatSeis™ overview