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GWL LF Source™
The New Tool for Low Frequency Energy Emission

The key difficulties in low frequency signal emission are air gun’s durability and signal stability.

GWL LF Source™ is a combination of the  best technical solutions and modern materials and components giving a stable low frequency signal with no compromise to production.

GWL offers the LF Source™ fully compatible with navigation, gun controllers and compressors used by industry on Seismic Vessels.

GWL Low Frequency Source™
  • Compatible with the majority of existing gun controllers;

  • Portable container based solution – easy-to-transport, assemble and install;

  • Industry recognized utility sensors;

  • Improved inner construction of the source;

  • High signal stability;

  • Innovative firing system;

  • Fish and mammals friendly;

  • Cluster system with improved durability;

  • Possible array volumes: 2440/4880/7320 cu. inch.

GWL LF Source™ Signature


7320 cu. inch 3 guns array.

P-P = 181; Zero-Peak = 91.5; PBR = 6.2

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GWL LF Source™ Frequency Spectrum

181015_Signautre_25m_Frequency domain_HR

7320 cu. inch 3 guns array. 
Peak frequency 7.8 Hz  at 25 m water depth

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GWL LF Source™ provide an efficient operational and budget solution ready for commercial used right now. GWL offers all equipment and highly experienced personnel required for data acquisitions together with processing facilities GWL is able to respond to a call for any seismic project worldwide.

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