The 34th National & the 2nd International Geosciences Congress
24 February 2016, Iran, Tehran

GWL took part in the utterly important scientific event of Iran on the subject of Earth Science in 2016: The 2nd International Geosciences Congress and the 34th National Geosciences Congress (NIGC 2016).

In the Marine geology, oceanography, sedimentology and marine geophysics section, GWL Director of Scientific Cooperation Egor Krasinskiy presented the paper “Modern approach to the study of geological structure, tectonics and geodynamics of the Earth`s crust of the Сaspian Sea sedimentary basins”. In his presentation he traversed the subjects of the current state of study of the Caspian Basin, purposes and principles of conducting the GWL’s research program in the Caspian Sea that starts in 2016, and technologies and resources to be involved in it.

In addition, within the framework of the event, working meetings took place with representatives of the Geological Survey of Iran and Tehran State University at which agreements were reached concerning scientific and technical cooperation.

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