Field trip with Geological Survey of Iran
26 February 2016, Iran

Within the framework of preparation for realization of the Caspian Research Program, just after the 34th National & the 2nd International Geosciences Congress, a three-day field trip was conducted specially for GWL employees.

The trip was conducted by representatives of the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) and covered practically the entire Caspian Coast of Iran. Technical meetings were held in three regional branches of the GSI and the material and technical basis that can be used within the framework of the Caspian Research Program was studied.

“It is worth remarking that the GWL’s research programs address not only the domain of fundamental researches but they also yield practical results that may be used in the nearest future. In particular, taking into consideration high seismic activity in the region, the issue of using onshore seismic stations and geomagnetic-variation systems in our program was agreed with the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS). The purpose of such cooperation is replenishment of the seismological database of Iran for more appropriate of accurate accounting for possible earthquake focuses” – noted Egor Krasinskiy, GWL Director of Scientific Cooperation.

By results of working meetings, the agreement on scientific cooperation and support by the GSI of the Caspian Research Program was signed.
GWKL expresses thanks to the GSI and especially to Mohammad Taghi Korehie, Razyeh Lak, Khalil Baharfirouzi and Hamid Nazari for the interesting event and constructive cooperation.