The first phase of the Caribbean Basin and Guyana-Suriname Basin research programs has been completed
18 March 2016, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain

The first part of field acquisition operations within the framework of the major GWL’s programs the Caribbean Basin and the Guyana-Suriname Basin has been completed.

In the course of operations performed with the use of the SeaBird Exploration’s M/V Northern Explorer, 1,362 line km of seismic data were acquired, with utilization of the new technology FloatSeis™ including.

Presently, processing of the data obtained is underway, first results will be available in May 2016.

The Caribbean Basin and Guyana-Suriname Basin Programs are the latest of GWL’s basin-wide surveys (previous ones have been held in the Black Sea and in the Western and Eastern Arctic) which are designed to extend the current understanding of marine basins in their entirety with the acquisition of new refraction-reflection seismic, marine gravity and magnetic data and the analysis of these jointly with other geophysical data.

The program objectives are to:

• Provide high quality, deeply imaged refraction-reflection seismic data integrated with gravity and magnetic data
• Reveal the major elements of the Earth crust architecture
• Provide new insights into the evolutionary model of this region
• Provide regional interpretation to describe geological history and to define the basin model of the region