For the first time: a regional seismic line has been completely processed by FloatSeis™ technology
10 May 2016, Russia, St. Petersburg

Processing of data from a regional seismic line more than 290 km long acquired within the framework of the research program in the Caribbean Basin has been completed.

This is the first example of utilization, on real data acquired in the course of a major research program, of the TrueVelocitySolution™ (TVS) software and methodology complex forming a part of the FloatSeis™ technology.

In the course of processing of the data obtained, effectiveness of the new technology that was revealed as early as at the stages of its development and testing found a further confirmation.

In particular, utilization of the proprietary software and special processing sequence, together with running the deblending subroutines, makes it possible to excellently clean the record from noises appearing from simultaneous reflection and refraction data acquisition, while application of tomography makes it possible to obtain accurate velocity models.

This technology allowed to improve velocity field quality in zones with complex geological structure – for example, in the area of the present-day Lesser Antilles Island Arc to under which the Atlantic Ocean’s lithosphere is subducted – and, as a consequence, to improve quality of the deep seismic section in this zone.

More detailed information about the FloatSeis™ technology can be found here: FloatSeis™