The 7th Turkmenistan International Gas Congress
20 May 2016, Turkmenistan, Turkmenbashi

GWL took part in the 7th Turkmenistan International Gas Congress TGC-2016 – the event of utmost importance for any organization seeking to work in the correspondent sector of the Caspian Sea.

At the event, GWL gave a report and presented the final version of the research program “Study of deep structure, tectonics and geodynamics of the Earth`s crust of the Caspian Sea sedimentary basins”.

During the event, a face-to-face meeting took place between GWL Director of Scientific Cooperation Egor Krasinskiy with Director of Turkmenistan President’s State Agency for Hydrocarbon Resources Management and Use Yagshigeldy Ilyasovich Kakayev. Within the framework of this meeting, details of the research program were discussed and a verbal agreement was achieved concerning mutual cooperation of the Turkmenistan party and GWL in implementation of this project, which will result in increase in investment attractiveness of the Caspian Region. Official invitations to participation in the program were also handed over for the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and for the Turkmenistan President’s State Agency for Hydrocarbon Resources Management and Use.

The necessity to realize this program is based on the fact that the Caspian Basin had never been studied geologically as a single structure, while the geological and geophysical data presently available are obsolete and do not reflect the real picture of the region’s structure.

For successful realization of this ambitious project, GWL has made major efforts in organizing the international scientific consortium whose final composition will be formed in the coming months. The Scientific Board will include leading scientists of all interested Caspian States as well as world level specialists.

The Turkmenistan International Gas Congress is already held for the seventh time and it invariably gathers major world and regional companies and organizations operating in Turkmenistan.

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