New Seismic Data Obtained Using FloatSeis™ Technology
09 November 2016

Late October 2016 FloatSeis™ technology was employed by GWL offshore Norway. The survey was conducted with help of SeaBird Exploration’s research vessel Harrier Explorer.

It was the first shallow-water basin application of the FloatSeis™. The seabed area under the scrutiny was deliberately selected to include geological section complexities, such as multiple seismic faults and lithological heterogeneities resulting in poor reliability of data obtained with the use of the traditional CDP wave reflection method.

Implementation of FloatSeis™ technology enables amending the standard CDP reflection data with those resulting from capturing the refracted waves produced at both the upper sedimentary layer and the basal top surfaces in order to eliminate distortions and uncertainties associated with wave-based modeling of geologically similar seabed structures and obtain more coherent seismic image of the surveyed area.

As the collected data requires further processing, we plan to obtain our first results in December 2016.

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