GWL supports young scholars
01 February 2017

The data presented by GWL, acquired in the course of the research program conducted in the Black Sea basin, will provide the basis of the PhD thesis, prepared by Vanessa Monteleone,  University of Southampton post grad.

Vanessa will very soon deliver her presentation, titled Crustal Structure of the Eastern Black Sea Basin: New Insight from long-offset seismic data , at the 2017 GeoPRISMS Theoretical and Experimental Institute on Rift Initiation and Evolution event, held in New Mexico on February, 7-11. The data, acquired by GWL, will provide a new approach to estimating the deep composition of the basin as well as to clarifying its genesis and continental-oceanic transition.

These materials will constitute her PhD thesis. “GWL has a long history of cooperation with University of Southampton and with professor Tim Minshull in particular. We are pleased to know that our data are utilized by the students. It means that not only our work presents value to the specialists but also helps to raise young generation of scholars, who will soon shape the future of the geoscience”, Egor Krasinsky, GWL Director of scientific cooperation said.