GWL introduces new communication format for interacting with partners
09 March 2017

The framework of the program, aimed at increasing efficiency of interacting with GWL partners and customers, involves implementation of new communication formats such as webinars and online conferences.

Today a webinar for the Petronas company was held with over 20 people from two technical departments involved. GWL experts made an interactive presentation on the details of applying FloatSeis™ technology for the purposes of data gathering and processing. The presentation lasted for one and a half hours, and Petronas personnel didn’t have to spend any extra time for arrangement and moderation as in case of a conventional meeting.

“Not only does hosting every “physical” presentation draw direct financial resources from both sides but also significantly influences schedules of employees, which in its turn adversely affects efficiency of their work. After having arranged over twenty conferences in three continents we have decided to become closer to our partners and customers by starting to apply new technologies allowing us to increase our efficiency without wasting time on secondary issues”, - said Nikolay Amelin, Executive Director GWL.

In the near future GWL plans to host interactive discussion panels and information webinars for the company customers and partners as well as for the media.

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