Science without limits: GWL-sponsored post-grad from St.Petersburg participates in a conference in Iran
06 May 2017

Evgeny Grigoriev, a post-grad from St.Petersburg State University, presented his report on the geology of the Earth’s crust in the Eastern Black Sea Basin at the TRIGGER conference in Teheran.

Evegny used the materials of his post-graduate thesis for the presentation, titled “Determination of parameters of the Earth's crust types in the Eastern Black Sea Basin based on complex interpretation of reflection plus refraction seismic data and potential fields”.

GWL provides overall support for such activities: Evgeny used some of the data from GWL study  “Black Sea Exploration Program” to prepare his report, and data interpretation has been performed in cooperation with University of Southampton and Geosoft company, providing their most up-to-date software package free of charge.

TRIGGER conference was organized by the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) and French National Center for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS).

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