GWL and NIOC held a meeting in Teheran 
06 May 2017

GWL and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) have met on Oil & Gas Congress (Teheran, May, 6-9) sidelines. The main subject of the talks was the details of the 2D ULTRA-LONG OFFSET SEISMIC SURVEY IN THE IRANIAN SECTOR OF THE CASPIAN SEA starting this year.

The surveying will be performed, using the latest know-hows of the seismic surveys, including those developed solely by GWL, which is dictated by the need to have the all the open opportunities clearly identified.

“It would have been regretting not to utilize the existing potential, available from the use of new technologies, to the fullest extent, because the most recent comprehensive studies of the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea were held over twenty years ago. Thus, it is hard to overestimate the prominence of the newly acquired data for both science and practical applications”, sail Egor Krasinsky (GWL).

Geology General Manager NIOC Exploration Mr. Iraj Abdollahie Fard has stressed high importance of the operations to be performed for the geology and the innovations involved. Mr. Abdollahie made it clear that the Iran sphere of interests is not reduced to the Caspian basin but extends as far as the Gulf area. He expressed confidence that cooperation in the region may be mutually beneficial and it is necessary to continue activities in this field.

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