Survey design

2D seismic is the most important basic method of investigation of sedimentary structure. Seismic sections have high geological value, which makes it possible to study the whole sedimentary cover thickness. The depth of investigation allows to trace intra-crustal boundaries, including the Moho discontinuity.

Depth velocity section across large geological structure

GWL surveys are designed taking into account every geological aspect of the particular survey area (all major structures, wells, potential fields anomalies etc.) with the help of vintage seismic, gravity and magnetic data available at the project planning stage.

GWL collaborates with leading Institutes and Government of participating countries. It allows using the wide range of historical data for each region that is extremely necessary for precise pre-project modelling.

We operate in any region even with complex geological structure. As known salts, overthrust zones, complex groups of faults and other peculiar features lead to the situation where one not always succeeds to obtain proper-quality reflections from main horizons. In practice under such conditions, thorough and comprehensive selection of 2D offshore acquisition methodology is necessary.

FloatSeis™ technology developed by GWL allows to extend the range of common 2D-seismic and receive more accurate information about geological structure of the region.