Deliverables include PSTM, PSDM, velocities and interpretation products.

Program executed in partnership with PGS Geophysical AS.

Seismic lines layout integrating together: all major structures, wells, potential fields anomalies and vintage geological and geophysical data.

High geological information value of the regional survey lines made it possible to study the sedimentary section to its entire thickness. The structural and tectonic drawings performed significantly refined geological structure of the region and its structural geometry. The lines planned in close vicinity to the Norwegian part of the shelf  made it possible to tie the Russian data with the Norwegian ones and compile a unified geological model.

Reflection seismic acquisition parameters:

  • Source — 5,058, > 120 bar-m

  • Streamer — 10,000m

  • Recording — 50m pop, 18 sec records

Project time frame: 2012-2014 years.

For regional mapping of the geology of entire region we acquired 13,030 lkm long offset reflection seismic data.



Survey Information
Geological Objectives
  • Meso-Paleozoic deposits to be studied and stratified;

  • A 3D geological model of graben-horst structure of the Barents-Kara Region northern part to be constructed;

The objectives of this Program were as follows:

  • Large-size anticlinal structures to be studied: the Noth Lazarevskaya, Lazarevskaya, Urvantsevskaya, West Urvantsevskaya, etc.

  • Comprehensive study of Norwegian and Russian parts of the Barents Sea including the previously closed area of overlapping claims;

  • To study areas of supposed evaporites on the “shoulder” of the taphrogenic East Kara Megatrough in Ordovician deposits and paleoriver network in the East Barents Syneclise in Upper Triassic – Lower Jurassic;

  • To study clinoforms in the sedimentary cover and areas of possible reef deposits in the East Kara Megatrough and the East Barents Syneclise;

  • Geological development of the offshore Edgeoya, Hopen and Sorkapp basin on the northern Barents Shelf;

  • To perform basin modeling of the region, based on the new geological data.